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Boracay Beach Bums

Things I have learned in Boracay so far:

1) It is the Asian version of Mexico, as far as I can tell EVERY SINGLE Asian on vacation is here, right now.  Which is hilarious.
2) Despite being on vacation, the ladies insist on being covered head to toe to maintain their whiteness, and dress up in full-out hats and high heels on the beach, tottering around while their husbands pose them in front of palm trees, souvenir shacks, locals, etc.
3) There is nothing to do here except eat, sleep, drink and do ocean-centric sports like snorkeling, para-sailing, sailing, etc.  And that is just fine by me.
Boracay has been pretty sweet, honestly besides the gorgeous view and people-watching, though, there is not much to do here so three nights was more than enough to check out the sights.  We met a few cool people (Hi Magnus! Hi Tom!) and caught some great rays in the BOILING HOT sun, ate some great food and chilled out after our horrific travel day.  It’s super touristy here, so there are tons of souvenir shops, expensive restaurants and luxury resorts, we are tucked into our little guesthouse just off the beach, I highly recommend Trafalgar Cottages for any backpacker coming through here, it was cheap and cosy and there is a super cute puppy named Nelson to hang out with, along with great friendly staff.  It rained both nights we were here which seriously put a damper on our party plans, we managed to have some nice dinners with our new friends but missed the party scene.  Oh well.
The highlight of our time here has definitely been the parasailing trip we took, it was 1500 Pesos ($35) and included a sweet speedboat ride and AMAZING view of Boracay and the surrounding area.  I was scared, but Chelsea was there with me, taking pics and making me laugh, so I ended up having a great time and wasn’t too scared after all. We were super high up, and even though it only lasted about 15 minutes, it was an experience that will stay with me forever 🙂
Our 3am wakeup was rough the next morning, we had to take a bus/ferry/bus to the airport to catch our 8am flight, which went off without a hitch, until we got to the Manila domestic terminal (aka the fourth layer of hell) and found out our flight had been CANCELLED outright (grrrrrrr ZEST AIR!! *shakes fist*) and that we wouldn’t be able to get a flight until 5pm that day.  So we settle in for another long haul at the airport and managed to laugh it off….Palawan was our next stop and we were pumped!!
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