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Back to Canada at Last

The next morning I woke up in my new dorm pretty disoriented, where was I?

Oh yea. In New Zealand, about to fly back to Canada after almost four months of travel!! Weeee!  I packed up all my stuff for the last time, after a long hot shower and met some other friends who were staying in the Jailhouse for a hot breakfast and coffee.  We had a great time just comparing stories and enjoying each others company before setting off to the airport together, since we all had flights around a similar time.  At the airport, I saw a few more friends who had been on the trip, disembarking back to all four corners of the world.  I was lucky enough to have my friend Tim on my flight back to Auckland, and we drank wine as we waited for our flight. yum!  I love NZ wine!

Back in Auckland I had a few hours to kill, and blogged some more while waiting for the EPIC thirteen hour flight that would bring me back to Canada.  In actuality, it didn’t turn out that bad, I had a seat next to me that was empty on the plane, so could stretch out a bit.  I watched a few movies and even managed to get some sleep with the help of two more glasses of delicious NZ red.

Vancouver was my last stop on the looong way back to Toronto, and I had two hours to kill in Vancity.  I didn’t leave the airport, I should have made one of my Vancouver friends come out and see me and go out somewhere for food in Richmond or something, but was pretty groggy and just wanted to get back to Tdot at that point.  Vancouver, I’m coming to see you another time, I promise!

My final flight wasn’t too bad either, I felt kind of rested, there was a seat free in the middle again, and I had bought a new book that was holding my attention.  At 12:30 am I finally landed in my hometown.  I was the only one with an entourage to greet me as I came out of the luggage area – my whole family was there to welcome me back! It felt so good to get all those hugs and kisses I’d been missing while I was travelling.  I even got some beautiful flowers as a welcome home present!

I’m HOME!!!!! Finally!  What an incredible journey this summer was.  I hope all of you can experience some kind of epic trip like I have. It’s been fantastic to be able to share it with you through this blog.



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Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

I’ve survived the first two parts of my journey, including the longest flight I’ve ever taken in my life.  Whew.  I’m almost there!  I said goodbye to Canada and my family yesterday (at least I think it was yesterday, I’m between time zones right now). We had a teary goodbye at the airport and I had deja-vu from my trip last year, feeling nervous and excited all at the same time – anxious to go but apprehensive about my capability to pull this trip off.  I didnt cry this year, I was too wound up to realize how long its going to be before I see my wonderful family and my amazing friends!  I cried a little on the plane but I followed my best friend Holly’s advice about crying in public: put your damn sunglasses on, hold a tissue and pretend its allergies. Thanks babe.
The view from YVR

The view from YVR

The first flight was uneventful, I’ve done the YYZ-YVR trip so many times it seems pretty natural. It was sad to only be able to stay in Vancity for a few hours, I lived there for fouryears and wish I could have hopped off and seen all my friends!  Next year!  The second flight was 13 hours long. Euuugh. I popped two heavy duty motion sickness pills and drank a beer which was my patented sleep remedy for long hauls in T-land last year. It worked like a charm!  I awoke to find that I only had five hours left until touchdown in Manila. Yay!
It never hits me until I get on the plane. What am I doing this for? Why do I feel the need to go halfway across the world just to see whats out there? How will it change me?
The secret that I’m learning is this: life and people are the same all over the world – you go to see something new and all you see are skyscrapers, bland airports and fast food restaurants just like you have at home. Globalization at its finest, people.  The challenge lies in the journey, of pushing yourself off the cliff and WAY out of your comfort zone.  The places I visit may very well be breathtaking and unusual, or maybe boring and uninspiring, but the experiences I have along the path will change me either way.  Adventure awaits!
But for now im sitting in an ugly transfer lounge in Manilla’s Ninoy Aquino airport, waiting for something (anything!) to happen so I can get on my next and second last flight. THERES NO WIFI! FOR THE LOVE OF GODDDDD!!
Plus I read my whole damn book on the way from Toronto to Vancouver. Curse my magical speed reading capabilities.
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