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Chiang Mai Bound!

The next morning me and two of my friends left sweaty sweaty BKK for the misty green mountains in Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand. Since we had limited time, we decided to fly there, which ended up being the best decision ever, as it was so smooth and hassle free to take a domestic flight instead. It was a bit more expensive, but the ease of travel and time saved more than made up for the price of the ticket. It was us three mangy backpackers and every Asian tourist in Thailand headed to Chiang Mai, for the sweet sweet two hour ride which would give us an extra whole day there!

We stepped off the plane amazed at the efficiency of domestic Thai airlines, and into a cheap taxi to the heart of the old town, finding a decent guest house after a few near misses for rooms. We had ah-mazing mediterranean food for lunch (might sound weird but Chiang Mai had unreal Western food, something we were all craving by that point) and decided our top three things to do/see were: riding scooters, going up the mountain to see the ancient Doi Suthep temple, and do some ziplining through the rainforest. We booked our ziplining tour for the next day and found a place that would rent us sweet scooters for our mountain journey.

I am very proud to say that after a fateful gas stop and a few wrong turns I successfully guided us to the right road and up the winding streets to the mountain temple. It started to POUR as soon as we got up there, so our pictures feature us in hilarious pink ponchos and helmets as we climbed the 300 temple steps to the top.

The temple was gorgeous – my favorite one in all of Thailand so far, with a view of Chiang Mai and the surrounding countryside. The ride down was a bit crazy because of the wet roads, but we got back to the rental place in one piece with no damage to the bikes, whew! It was one of my favorite Thailand adventures so far.

We ate at a falang (foreigner) restaurant at dinner, then went to bed…boring girls!! Forgive us…we had been out three nights in a row at that point, sleep needed to happen!

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