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The Night Train Adventure


The bus took us to a little town, very very authentic Thailand. My friend Lindsay and I decided to take a walk and check out this busy lil’ town. There were schoolchildren giggling and plying, a super rad Thai skate shop complete with crazy pierced dude with a handlebar moustache, his store also sold t-shirts with moustaches on them, how fitting.

Our best find, though, was an outdoor Thai aerobics class ( which we may have or have not joined in on;)  ) it was superfun, the ladies doing the class were just as amused as us to have some new people in the class!

Back at the train station, our group gathered and we boarded for what would be an eleven hour train ride to Khao Sok, our next stop.  We boarded around eight, so there was lots of time to sleep and “enjoy” the very long ride.

Each of us had a little bunk with a bed and curtain, pillow, blanket and not much else. The walls in the train were a beautiful puke green and everything you touched was immediately covered in a layer of soot.



I had a top bunk, so I climbed up and got comfy, locking my bag to the rack provided (good traveller!) And failing to realize that my lock had somehow reset itself to a new code in the process without me noticing (dumb traveller!)

After noticing this and trying a bunch of codes around my old one, I had to tell my guide what I’d done (haha!). Me and Jon puzzled over this for a while, thinking where we could find bolt cutters or heavy-duty scissors to eventually unlock my bag….we thought about this for waaaay too long, until realizing that we could just cut the strap holding my bag to the rack without too much trouble…duh.

Sooo Maia, sis, your backpack has some new…modifications….nothing that can’t be fixed by an expert mom and a sewing machine though!! It was not one of my prouder moments, but makes for a funny story!

The night train was not fun, to sum it up.  It was dirty, smelly, loud and full of vendors crowding the aisles trying to sell you stuff.

I managed to sleep with a combo of beer and motion sickness pills (the ultimate knockout method I have discovered, good for long bus and ferry rides!) I woke up feeling pretty fresh, actually, but was sooo ready to get off by the time we arrived in the south.

Not looking forward to the night train back to Bangkok, after that journey.

Good thing I was feeling peppy, it was going to be another awesome day in paradise!

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