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En Route to BKK – Part One

I am off!  I am also possibly the worlds most organized backpacker…anyone who saw my bag can vouch for that – it is labelled, waterproofed, inventoried and zipppered up.  Hopefully my bag doesnt get lost in transit and squelch all my hard work.

When I got to YYZ, things looked good.  After a teary goodbye to mom + dad, I got though security and met some fellow backpackers travelling to Frankfurt….annnnd one of them knows my sister. Small world!

This is where things got rough. Flight was packed, there was a fat grumpy woman beside me who seemed personally offended by my presence in the chair beside her (even though I let her have the armrest) AND we sat on the tarmac for THREE HOURS effectively pissing off everyone in on the plane.  I knew right away i had missed my connecting flight and was super stressed about it.

Long story short, flight ended up being ok and i got a better upgraded flight in Heathrow (a direct connection to BKK instead of another stopover)

Im off on the second leg of my flight!  and HEATHROW: i will be back to sample your luxury goods…someday… 😉




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