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Surfing in Kuta

Even though this was only about a week ago, it seems like AGES! ¬†So much has happened, Im already in another country and in the midst of new adventures, but lets pretend I’ve been faithfully blogging all along, shall we? ūüôā

We bussed it back to Kuta from Ubud in Bali, and found our beautiful hotel, AP Inn, was under construction – hmmmm. Oh well. we decided to stay anyways. After a long, hot bus journey a trip to the pool was in order and we settled into our rooftop pool chill quite nicely, I even bought a “takeout” lunch from a local warung (food stall) and had a delicious lunch by the pool. ¬†For dinner we had Pizza Hut, and I had a new experience there – corn on my pizza. ¬†Yuck. Lol.
The next day was pretty lazy as well, with some more poolside action and a visit to the Bali Dynasty resort to hang out with our friends the Thompsons, who were in Kuta and invited us to their gorgeous resort for some volleyball and happy hour drinks!  We had a wonderful afternoon with them and invited them to come and party with us at Skygarden that night.  The younger ones took us up on the offer and we met up with them for FREE DRINKS.  I may have had one (twelve) too many cause the next day I had my first official Bali hangover. ughhhhhh. Oh and guess what we had planned? Surfing! Ughnghghgghhhhh.
Luckily our surfer dude was way late and I had time to nap all morning, so by the time we finally hit the waves I was feeling much much better! Our instructor Ewan was a great teacher, and we both managed to get up on our boards and hit the waves, it was thrilling!  I can officially say I am a surfer now Рlol.
The next day Chelsea and I shopped and shopped and shopped until we were literally out of Indonesian Rupiah, we had waited until our last day to clean out our $$ supply and all the shops, too! ¬†I bought a gorgeous dress for myself and a bunch of presents as well. ¬†We boarded our flight to Manila, it was a super long, roundabout trip. But hey – it’s all part of the experience, right??
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How We Saved a Kitten in Ubud

Well, saved might now be the right word because Phil might very well have been euthanized by now, but I do feel better having rescued a kitten from sudden death on a busy alley road in Ubud. It was just about squished as Chelsea and I walked back to our guesthouse, and Chelsea said to me “isn’t that a kitten?” and we squee!ed at the littleness of it! Poor little guy had no¬†momma¬†in sight. ¬†I moved him over to the side of the road, but he looked so pathetic that soon after we returned to our place, I said I gotta do something, so I went and bought some milk from the local quickeemart and scooped up the kitten on my way back. ¬†As we chilled that night, Phil showed little to no signs of life, just chillin in my sarong like a lil villain. Yes, we named him Phil. ¬†Big Phil was hanging out with us as we greeted our friends from Beach¬†Travellers, who were in Ubud at the same time as us, and settled in for a rainy quiet night.
I found a place that might look after Phil by doing a little internet sleuthing, and facebook messaged Villa Kitty to see if they might have a place for Phil. The owner of this magical place, an expat named Elizabeth, said to bring him in, so the next morning we took a ten minute taxi ride to Villa Kitty, a cat hospital and kitty rescue clinic in Ubud, a sorely needed service in a country where wild dogs and cats are the norm and keeping pets as members of your household is not as popular. ¬†When we got to the clinic, the vet told us Phil was ten days old, not three to four weeks as we originally had thought. I talked to Elizabeth on the phone, and she said that they may not be able to keep Phil alive as he couldn’t be given the attention he needed, given his early age. he needed to be bottle fed every two hours, and she just didn’t have the staff or resources to give him that attention. ¬†I felt so bad, but leaving him there in the hospital staff’s capable hands was the best option at that point. ¬†I said bye to Phil and told him not to throw up his food so they would keep him alive. I hope he listens! ¬†I also gave a donation to this fabulous organization, it really fills a gap in whats needed in Bali in terms of animal welfare.
If you would like to learn more about Villa Kitty or donate to them, you can check out their facebook page here as well ūüôā
Well, my karma meter is full at least. Poor Phil, Hope he had a good ten days, in any case!
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Top 5 Favorite Things to do in Ubud

Ubud has been a blast, there are tons¬†of things to do in this quiet, ancient city. ¬†It is an extremely old and spiritual place, the old mixes with the new in such a strange and interesting way. ¬†I’ll break down some of my favorite things that I¬†experienced¬†here in Ubud, to give you a taste of my experiences here in this gorgeous place!

5. Shop

¬† ¬† ¬†The first thing we noticed upon arrival in Ubud were the SHOPS! Oh my lord it seemed like everything on earth was for sale. ¬†Aside from the usual trinkets, there were tons of textiles (silk scarves, pashminas, dresses, sarongs), interesting artwork, organic bath products, silver jewelry, and more. ¬†I had to seriously restrain myself cause I was on a budget, but I managed to get some good deals and even some presents that I now have to haul around for three months!! Oh well. ¬†I couldn’t resist and you shouldn’t either. ¬†Bargain hard here, there are lots of great deals in Ubud if you barter for them.
4. Spa Day!
     There are so many options for spas here in Ubud it literally makes ones head spin.  From the high-end daylong treatments that include cleansing, detox, colonics, facials and fruit juice baths, to the massages and manicures at the lower end places, there are enough spas here to go to one spa a day for two months and still not hit them all.  I got an hour-long head, back and shoulder massage for about 8 dollars, 75000 Rupiah, and it was unreal. The Balinese lady who massaged me was so tiny with the strongest hands, she gave me a good tough massage, just how I like it!  Aaaahhh.
I dont have any spa pics so I'll just post this pic of chelsea enjoying her pizza on the first night :D

I dont have any spa pics so I’ll just post this pic of chelsea enjoying her pizza on the first night ūüėÄ

3. Take in the Culture – check out all the ancient buildings and go on a photo tour
¬†¬†¬† ¬†As I mentioned earlier, Ubud is the cultural capital of Bali, and it’s not hard to see why. ¬†Buildings from the eleventh century mingle with corner stores and supermarkets, scooters ride by with Balinese dancers in traditional dress scooting by to their performances, and beautiful art is displayed both in corners of markets and huge galleries as well. ¬†I walked around in awe, snapping pics and reading about the history of this magical city, taking it all in. ¬†The pictures don’t really do this place justice, but I will post them anyway.
2. Bike through the Rice Paddies
¬† ¬† ¬†This bike trip was a total highlight. We were short on cash and didn’t want to pay for a full day tour around Ubud, so we rented bikes for a day for 3 bucks (30,000 Rupiah) and took off on a little adventure of our own. ¬†We had asked at the tourist centre (which looks like a castle) where the best places to see some country side were, and they made a little itinerary for us. ¬†We biked up a hilly plain, passing villages on the way, and even though it rained a bit in between sunny breaks, the rain was refreshing and fitting as we saw the beautiful rice paddies laid out neatly in the villages. ¬†People are so friendly in Bali! ¬†They called out hello from their doorsteps and driveways, asking us where we were going and what we wanted to see, or just shouted a friendly greeting and went about their day. ¬†Awesome! ¬†The whole trip took about two hours and there was lots of time to chill at our beautiful guesthouse pool later on in the day.
¬† ¬†¬†¬†My favourite place in Ubud, hands down, was the monkey temple forest just on the outskirts of Ubud. ¬†It’s a functioning temple that has been in use since the 11th century, dedicated to the animal gods and to harmony with nature and all living things. ¬†Inside it’s an oasis, the soaring trees and greenery mixing with the ancient statues and temples, with monkeys causing havoc all over the grounds as they played, ate bananas, groomed each other, and generally delighted the tourists with their antics. ¬†They are so humanlike! ¬†One greedy little monkey jerk took all my bananas, but then sat very close to me and I watched as he expertly unwrapped and ate every banana in the bunch, guarding his hoard against the other sneaky guys who were watching and waiting for a chance to steal them. ¬†It was a great way to spend an afternoon, just chilling with these amazing animals and taking in the beauty of the forest and the temple. ¬†I loved it!
These are only my top five experiences, there is so much more to do in Ubud, including yoga, cleanses, detoxing, day trips, volunteering opportunities, watching dances + performances, and much more. I may have to come back here when im older and wiser, with a lot more money in my pockets, cause this is definitely a place to experience twice in a lifetime!
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The Long Road to Bali

Whew! We are finally in Bali after two and a half days of travel, four flights, and a whole lotta stopovers. ¬†I left Manila in the morning after five restless hours in a very boring airport. ¬†I was super restless on the flight to Jakarta, cause there was nothing for me to do – no book, and I’d already seen the movie that was playing ūüė¶

Getting into Jakarta I was SO pumped to see Chelsea, and waited by her baggage carousel for her to get in from Taipei, her stopover point. ¬†It was such a great reunion! ¬†We hadn’t seen each other in a year since she lives on the other side of Canada, but it felt like no time had passed at all as we caught up and waited for her bag to appear. ¬†The Jakarta airport was hot and confusing, but I love a challenge and soon we found a Starbucks (!), got iced coffees and found out where to catch the shuttle to the other terminal to catch our final flight.
The traffic!  Oh man the traffic was the worst thing I had ever seen in my life, literally inching along, people cutting each other off, motorbikes zooming around in the tiny gaps, and near misses at every turn. What should have been a two-minute ride turned into a twenty-minute crawl. Our choice to give Jakarta a miss was a good one, I think!
Our seven hour stopover was cool, though, I tried my first Indo dish (can’t remember the name but it was flat noodles and beef, mmm) and we got our AirAsia flights all sorted out as well, with a real human behind a desk – way easier than trying to figure it out from¬†Canada. ¬†We waited in the (very boring) terminal for EVER, made friends and traded travel stories with some Americans headed to Bali, and finally boarded our last slightly delirious flight to get to our final destination. ¬†It is noteworthy to mention that our Asian seatmate was singing karaoke to himself, to our delight and awe. ¬†We felt bad but totally had a case of the giggles over it!
We arrived, found a taxi and found our hostel, which is so gorgeous!! I booked it at the recommendation of another travel blogger and she did not disappoint.  It is perfect for us, centrally located, super clean with friendly staff.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a great place to stay in Kuta.
We crashed hard, in our lovely soft bed, and slept and slept and slept. Heaven!
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