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How to Have a Perfect Day on the Gili Islands

Beach Life

Since all of our days have fallen into a rhythm here on the island, I thought I would write a brief instructional guide about how I live the island life.  It was great to take advantage of the perfect beachy days and explore what the island had to offer over our four nights here in the Gilis.

Side Note: Gili is the indonesian word for island, so pretty much every small island in indo is a Gili, but these Gili Meno, Gili Air and Gili Trawangan are three of the most well known.  If you want to go to the silent disco on your trip, go during Ramadan which starts in early July.
Step One:  Eat a delicious banana pancake and oj on the porch of your guesthouse after waking up whenever the heck you want and checking the wifi news from home.  Chat with the local owners of your guesthouse and teach them funny things to say to other english speaking tourists, like YOLO, LOL, etc.
Step Two: Head directly to the beach to sip iced ginger lemon honey teas and pass out on giant bean bag beach chairs at Gili Cafe. Listen to tunes, read, swim, frolic and tan until the midday heat is so unbearable that you seek cover for a) ice cream b)shopping or c) snorkelling. Your choice 🙂
Step Three: Find a sweet beach cafe right on the water to eat lunch.  Eat a delicious BLT, Tuna or Club sammy and people watch as humans from all over the world do exactly the same thing as you: Nothing.  Optional card game playing here, too.  
Step Four: Rent bikes for five bucks and bike around the island, checking out the sights (not much besides beautiful beach, resorts and ocean but still pretty sweet).  You can check out the whole ispand in a day, about an hours fast biking or a lazy afternoons worth of biking.  Take pics of sweet beach spots, cool cafes and have a delicious pineapple (watermelon, papaya, coconut) shake to quench your sweaty self.  Squee at the cute goats and Indonesian kids hanging out and take tons of pics.  
Step Five: Head home to shower up, and bike to the sunset spot to watch a sweet sunset while drinking Bintangs (beers), or grab a spot at the indian restaurant on some cushions by the beach and hit the shisha/have indian food while watching the rain roll in.


Step Six: will hopefully be optional for you as one night we got rained out while dinner happened and we had to walk home in a monsoon. Whoops!
Step Seven: Eat ice cream and waffles (does not apply if you took option A on step two, ya fatty) at a local cafe or have some bintangs and watch live music at any of the bars that slowly fill up with people, the crowd gets good at one or two places around eleven.
Step Eight: If you are feelin it, head over to the silent disco to listen to tunes in your wireless  headphones, dance up a storm and laugh as you all silently listen to the same music on your headphones. Option B on this step is to have some room chills and go to bed cause there is a rough day ahead of sun, sand and fun times!
So there you go, a rough guide to your day on Gilis. Feel free to share  your experiences of Gili below, there’s also snorkelling trips to be had, horseback riding, tons of spa options and the option to climb mount Rinjani on Lombok, but since I am on a budget I just decided to have more of a beach vacation for now and leave the mountain climbing for another day!
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Gili T – My New Favorite Place on Earth

I think I’ve found it….again.  Gili Trawangan is my newest in a long line of favorite destinations, and this time, I think its love!  Let me back up a little here – three days ago we took a two and a half hour ferry to the Gili Islands, three tiny beachy islands nestled close to the mountains in Lombok, an island province close to Bali.  We were going to stay in a hostel but decided against it, the cheap and cute guesthouses that dotted the island were too tempting for us.  We found the Pondok Twins Garden with a little help from our Scoot Cruises employee, the ride over here with them was awesome and I highly recommend it.

It was perfect!  A little guesthouse nestled in on a back street not far from the beach.  We settled in for four nights, and set off to explore this gorgeous little place.  We were amazed at the turquoise blue color of the ocean, and the view of distant mountains on Lombok.  After settling into a table at Gili Cafe, we ran into one of Chelsea’s friends that was, by coincidence, was staying on the island. Yes it’s that small!!
The sunset was our next destination, and after getting horribly lost in what we jokingly referred to as the “suburbs of Gili”, we emerged on the other side of the island, in time to watch the beautiful sunset and have a bintang.  That night we chilled with Chelsea’s friend Connor, and his two Canadian counterparts, Joey and Pete.  Since its Ramadan, the island is very quiet, and out of respect for the locals the nightlife is curtailed to a single silent disco, which we got to experience the next evening! We ate dinner at the night market, which was a super fun experience, trying all the local foods and finishing my meal off with a giant roasted corn on the cob mmmmm.
Our first full day in Gili was super beachy, I learned some bad news from home, my family had been affected by the flooding in Toronto from the storms that are going on there right now, and our basement was in 7ft of water!! There is a ton of damage, but as my mom said, “it’s just stuff” and they are all safe so apart from a massive clean up job they are ok!
We shopped the island that afternoon and literally shopped it out, finding nothing of interest to buy – all trinkets and overpriced beachwear. I did buy a sweet Balinese mask from a local artist though, who had his workshop and store  right beside my guesthouse. I felt kinda like i was getting an eye infection, but a smooth and painless trip to the Indonesian Dr on the island and some meds, later I was on the mend. It’s already cleared up! Yay! sickness one averted.
It looked like it was gonna rain so we strategically sat ourselves in a beach cafe to watch the rain and eat a late lunch.  Then it was time to meet up with the guys for shisha and people watching, until after the sun set and we moved onto the silent disco!!
The silent disco was my favorite experience on Gili so far, we all got these sweet remote headsets and were listening to the same tunes at the same time, filling the dance floor and the room with our off-key singing.  It was hilarious to briefly take the headphones off and look around at all the people dancing wildly, silently to the music!  We had such a good time!!
Gili is such a friendly, sunny place, full of unbelievably nice and accommodating people, there’s tons of families around as well as young people, the food is good, and the vibe is just right.
It’s good to know there’s a place like this on earth. It’s as close to heaven as I’ve ever been.
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