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Kan-chan-a-buri (say it with me)

FIRST OF ALL – this seems like SO long ago as we have been traveling through some very remote places and I havent been able to update this blog in a long time!  I have 40 mins left on the interwebs here in Koh Phangan and will do my best to update fully and fill all you lovelies in on whats been happening in the land of smiles since we left off.

Jolly Frog


Jolly Frog 2

We left Bangkok around 8am in a cute little minibus, off to the west of Thailand and a place (town?) called Kanchanaburi.  I had my first of many interesting experiences with the squat toilets that are the norm here, good thing I did so many squats before I left (thanks Peter!!) cause I certainly need that lower body strength now!

We arrived at Jolly Frog Backpackers Inn and had a group lunch, some announcements from our lovely guides Jon and Nikki, and put our stuff in what is possibly the UGLIEST room I have ever seen – think floral 70’s bed spread, paint splatter walls circa 1992 (with cracks secured by duct tape) accompanied by a scary bathroom and musty smell.  As my trip went on I realized – really – not such a bad room after all!!

We visited a school that afternoon, after a quick stop at TESCO.  Tesco was surreal because it seemed SO American (complete with a Dunkin Donuts and Dairy Queen) after all the foreign places I’ve experienced in the last week, it was strange to be in what felt like Wal-Mart!  We were only there to grab toys and games for the school kids, we loaded up on treats for the kiddies and headed out into the hotness.

We arrived at the cute little school (under 200 kids), and the little ones waved at us from their classrooms, visibly excited we were here to play with them.  Apparently the area we were in was pretty remote and they don’t see a lot of falang (foreigners), so the teachers were taking as many pics of us as we were of them!!

We got introduced to them as they sat in neat little lines by class, and performed a cute song for us. We then did the chicken dance for them, to their ultimate delight!  After getting acquainted, it was time to play soccer, blow bubbles and draw with them for an hour or so.  I drew a tic tac toe board for one of them on a little piece of paper and it was ON.  A tournament of wits ensued (I lost, maybe on purpose :P)  and we played happily together.

After a Kap-khoon-ka (thank-u) and goodbyes, we headed off to the River Kwai and the famous “Bridge over River Kwai”.  We walked over it (kinda dangerous as it was rusty AND there was a running train we had to avoid mid-pass lol) and had a wee history lesson as to it’s importance during WW2, apparently it was bombed many times and rebuilt in darkness during the night to keep crucial supply lines open.  I bought SWEET genie Thai pants that have proved very useful and the day was not even over yet!

Bridge over River Kwai!

Dinner at the Jolly Frog was delicious (coconut soup yumm) and we had some free time to get ready for the EPIC river cruise that was to come.  We took a bus to the riverside (still Kwai) and got on this giant floating covered raft complete with a DJ booth and crazy light show.  Jon (our guide) plopped down a 2-4 of M-150 (Thai red bull, twice as strong=twice as fun) and told us to go nuts – I knew then it would be a crazy night!!

We danced and danced and daaaanced to awesome music and our little group definitely became a family that night, we played games and got to experience a fire show (flaming batons twirling, being passed back and forth, being dropped, flung, twisted = so safe haha).  It was such a good party night and nothing like I’ve ever experienced before.  We were paired up with the 36-day tour for that part, so we got to bond with them for a bit too.

And then night wasnt even over yet!! After getting back to the guesthouse, we headed out to a place called Sugar Member (tee hee) and danced and drank some more, till we shut the place down.

After writing this I cannot believe all of that happened in one day!! More blogs to follow…much love peeps.



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