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Full Moon Madness

July 3 2012. The night will forever go down in history as the night I successfully conquered  my first full moon.

It was pretty well-organized for us, I’d say it had to be with 3 groups of us ready to party all night long on the shores of Hat Rin beach. It was good that all of us looked like fluorescent yellow party animals, cause that made the group of us so easy to find on the beach when trying to find everyone. We got told : DONT GO ON THE SLIDE OF FIRE!! DONT DO THE FIRE JUMP ROPE!! DONT DO DRUGS!!

All very good advice, and although I had like three illegal (in Canada) energy drinks, I followed their advice and had a perfectly fun time with only a few buckets round three, five and seven am 😉

We painted each other up and left our beach round midnight on a giant speedboat. It took about twenty minutes to get there, and you could hear it before you could see it, the pounding music travelling over the water, the reflection from the fire and lights.

THEN – all of a sudden you could see it, silhouettes of bodies bathed in neon light dancing on the beach, music from the clubs mixing together in a pulsing wave.

We jumped off the boat and formed a human chain – a necessary way to travel through the crowd to our rendezvous point – right by the slide of fire!!

We quickly filled the place in and hit the dance floor…err.sand…beach.  Lol. Different clubs lined the beach, if you didn’t like the music or the vibe on one part of the beach, all you had to do was walk 5 metres down and dance to the next clubs’ beats!! I took off into the night with my friend and roomie Lindsay, and we suddenly found ourselves on Magic Mountain, a bar perched high above the dancing masses, sharing a bucket and being taught a drinking game by two guys from Singapore!! Hi Linus 😀 hope u r reading this, u guys were so much fun!

We wandered back into the night and the party that brought many debaucherous adventures, faux seven eleven toastie hunts, drunk knockoff ray ban shopping sprees, a few kisses and even some unexpected surprises…

I know. Vague at best but I do remember dancing my butt off, laughing with my friends until dawn, and meeting people from all over the world who loved to party and dance as much as I do! Best party of my life. Only to be rivalled by future planned trips to Carnaval and Mardi Gras!

The sun came up as we danced on the beach, fooled around, and laughed at the aftermath of the party around us. There were drunk couples making out, passed out half buried people with bucket hats, wild drunk hippies still dancing, and just before we left, an epic fight that left me glad we were staying far far away on the other side of the island.

I drank a beer while riding in the front of the speedboat back while Danica slept in my lap and I secretly congratulated myself on losing my full moon virginity.

After a greasy breakfast and blissful shower in my marble bathroom, I washed the body paint off, slept for 8 hours and woke up just in time for my massage appointment.

I. Love. This. Place!

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