Skydive in Nelson!!

Wahooooo! My skydive virginity is taken! My whole trip I`ve been excited for this day – the day I finally got the nerve to cross this huge jump off my bucket list. I’m not one of those people who usually goes looking for a cheap thrill, to be honest I prefer to keep both feet firmly on the ground. But it is this precise attitude which makes me think sometimes I should challenge myself and do these crazy things, to shake myself up and get out of my comfort zone. And that, my friends, is exactly what I did today when I jumped thirteen thousand feet out of an airplane over Abel Tasman National Park!

I was nervous as I ate breakfast, not scared but filled with apprehension about what I was going to do. Why do I do these things to myself? I pondered this on the thirty minute drive out to the national park, barely hearing our driver as he explained the natural wonders of the surrounding habitat to us. Once we got to the skydive base, I was impressed with the professionalism and candor of the Abel Tasman skydive crew. They explained to us what would happen in detail before our dive, filling us in on the process and even showing us a short video of what it would be like. I decided to go the extra mile and pay for someone to jump out of the plane and film me as I dived. Since I never plan on doing this again, I thought it might be good to record for posterity’s sake!
My two friends went up in the plane first, Tina and Lola had decided to jump from a (crazy) 16 thousand feet!! That meant I had even more time on the ground to contemplate what I was doing and why the HELL I was doing it! AHHHHHH! It did make me feel better to watch them float slooowly to the ground, exhilarated from the ride of their lives. Then it was my turn. I suited up in my sweet red and white jumpsuit, got briefed on some safety stuff, met my dive master Scruffy (lol) and boarded the plane. I wasn’t super nervous on the plane, I was trying to keep my mind off of what I was actually about to do. The view from the tiny plane was incredible – and since I was the first to jump, the twelve minute ride seemed to take no time at all. It all hit home as soon as the door opened. I was really doing this!!
I didn’t have to jump out of the plane, I just had to hold on (to nothing) and fly through the sky. I tried to look at the camera and catch my breath, the wind was knocked out of me as I fell. My brain barely registered what was happening. I was falling through the sky at hundred of miles per hour. It seemed to take way less than a minute for the parachute to open. When it did I thought, over already? Wow that was fast. Me and scruffy floated romantically though the sky, as he told me he jumped up to fifteen times a day on the busiest days. Talk about a thrilling job! I was elated when my feet touched the ground – what a rush! It seemed like a piece of cake once I was back on solid earth. My bucket list is now one tick shorter, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment at facing my fear and conquering my skydive.
My friend Tina and I headed into town after that, exploring Nelson, checking out the touristy shops and cafes. We walked back along the shoreline to the suburb we were staying in (if you could call it that, it was so tiny). That evening was much less exciting, we had a group dinner at a little restaurant in Nelson, and we told our friends about our crazy skydive experience. I think that this day may just be the highlight of my trip so far.
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