Trip Booked!


60 days of adventure backpacking solo in SE Asia.  My trip of a lifetime is booked and theres only a few more things left to do now: prep, pack and go!  But first, a little background info on why I am taking this trip and what I hope to get out of it.


I’ve decided to take this trip for several reasons.  The first is simply that I love to travel and I believe that experiencing other cultures and customs firsthand is just about the best education anyone can get.  Next, Im single, a student (with wicked travel insurance), and dying to have a big adventure before I think about the next phase of my life which might not include time or money for solo travel.  Last, I want to prove to myself that I can do anything, go anywhere, adapt and survive in order to get closer to my goal of being a global citizen who is connected, conscious and educated about the world we live in.


Have fun!  Meet new friends! Lay on a beach all day long!

Actually my trip will start with a 26 day adventure backpacking tour with a group of other young Canadians, and I will travel with this group through the southern beaches of Thailand to party, play, and have fun!

Then the real adventure begins.  I will be travelling through Laos and Cambodia, hopefully with a new friend or two, and then travel through Northern Thailand if I can fit it all in.  My travel schedule is flexible and I’m actually not going to plan too much besides some must-see things on my list (tubing down the Mekong river, Angkor Wat, etc)


Every year I choose a theme that I’d like to consciously focus on during that time period.  This year the theme is ‘fearless adventure’.  This means jumping into new things even though im scared, being willing to try new things and have new experiences, and going into every new journey with an open heart and clear mind, taking lessons from what i learn and bouncing back when i miss a step or two.  My SE Asia trip figures perfectly into this mindset.


While travelling overseas I wont be able to keep up with my friends/family the way I’d like to.  This blog is a way for me to share the joys, trials and tribulations of my travels with each and every one of you in a personal way.  You can comment and leave messges for me, too, so I dont feel quite so far away!

37 days till I board the plane.

I cant wait to share my adventure with you.



lets do this

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3 thoughts on “Trip Booked!

  1. derek

    Nice blog! i did that same route about 2 years ago. If you ever need help or suggestions, feel free to send a note… i wrote down some things too if you’re ever need some exra insight 🙂! have fun.

  2. OMG Derek this is great! Thank you so much for sharing! I am perusing your blog right now, i can already tell its going to be a big help 😀

  3. I’m going to miss you so much, but am so excited for you! Your such an inspiration to me in all your fearlessness and confidence. Love you!

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